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The Foursquare “Principia” Single Blended Double Maturation has a double characteristic. The wording "Single Blended" indicates that all production processes, from mixing to aging, are carried out within the walls of the Foursquare Distillery, the indication of "Double Maturation" instead indicates the double aging in ex Bourbon and Sherry woods, which give to Rum a range of complex and layered notes. 

The “Principia” comes from the distillation of sugar molasses, a raw material that is mostly imported from the plantations of neighboring Guyana. The molasses is fermented for 44 hours, and the distillation process takes place thanks to a continuous double column or discontinuous still, of the "pot still" type. Once the processing is finished, the Rum is aged first in oak barrels that contained Bourbon, for 3 years, and then, for another 6 years, in barrels in which the Sherry was refined.

In the glass it is honey-colored, deep and compact. The set of aromas that envelops the nose is structured around sensations of undergrowth and red fruit, embellished with light spicy nuances. In the mouth it is full-bodied, warm and enveloping on the palate, with a decidedly tannic sip; ends with a finish of excellent persistence. A product of absolute quality signed by Foursquare Distillery, one of the most important production companies in the Caribbean.


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62% Vol.

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