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Takamaka 2018 is the result of a new partnership between Velier and Richard and Bernard d’Offray, owners of the distillery located on the island of Mahé, in the Seychelles. It comes from a single batch, produced in 2018 and aged for three years in French oak Radoux barrels in a tropical climate. Founded in 2002, Takamaka has a very artisanal rum production, which uses both molasses and sugar cane juice, which is quite rare in the Seychelles territory: a small cooperative of 40 independent growers cultivates some plots in the hills, in a remote area and without pesticides. This rum is produced exclusively with sugar cane juice, and is the first ever to be distilled 100% in pot still. Fermentation lasts 3/5 days, with the use of yeasts and proprietary waters. The content in congeners is 564.4gr / hlpa, of which 58 are esters. The total angel share is over 11%.


70 Cl

60,8% Vol.