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Yuu Baal


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Earth (YUU) and fire (BAAL): as if to recall in a single expression the sacred union of the two natural elements. The words that identify these mezcals, in fact, recall the two main elements from which the Yuu Baal mezcal come to life.Yuu Baal identifies a mezcal produced in a totally artisanal way, respecting the most ancient and profound traditions of the mezcal masters of Oaxaca. Yuu Baal brings together a series of producers who obtain their mezcals starting first of all from the care of their lands, on which the agave is harvested and cultivated. Each mezcal represents a unique region of Oaxaca's central valley and is an extraordinary expression of the terroir of the village in which it is produced.

Mezcal Yuu Baal Reposado tells the truest and most genuine Mexico, aging six months in American oak barrels before being bottled.

70 Cl

40% Vol.

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