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New collection put together by Romdeluxe.

In this series, the fantastic Danish bottlers get a little closer to the individual distilleries by attempting to show how their different approach to rum production impacts the individual processes and subsequent bottlings.

Their new project starts with the LongPond distillery, which was founded back in 1753 and for the next several hundred years lived a changing life with different owners.

At first they had their own sugarcane plantation, but that is a bygone era.
In 1977 the Jamaican government took over the distillery and in 1980 incorporated it into The National Rums of Jamaica's portfolio of distilleries.
National Rums of Jamaica still owns part of the distillery, as does Alexander Gabriel of Plantation.

The distillery produces very tasty, molasses-based premium rums distilled in old Pot Still stills.

However, there was a period without production at the distillery. In the period from 2012 to 2017, the Dunder tanks were rebuilt and the entire DNA management of this rum was updated.
Unfortunately, shortly after the distillery resumed production, a major disaster occurred. A fire in a sugar field spread to the distillery's fermentation room where large vats were lost in the flames.
This meant that only in 2019 was it possible to start producing rum again little by little.
And only to a limited extent, until all the tanks are back in place.

This rum was distilled in 2023 and aged for 7 months in virgin American oak, in the cold, wet climate of Denmark.
It is molasses-based and ferments for nearly 30 days before being distilled in a Potstill kettle.
The long fermentation helps create a high ester content, which in this case is 1600 g/hL AA, which is the maximum number of esters that can be exported from Jamaica.

The result is a very flavorful rum, where the oak does not disappoint, but also a still young and exuberant rum. Just the way we and many of our fans like it.

The taste notes are fresh oak, sawdust, overripe banana, tropical fruits and then a nice long aftertaste.

The rum is bottled unfiltered and no color has been added.

Distilled January 2023

Bottled November 2023

TECC brand

265 bottles produced worldwide

70 Cl

85.3% Vol.

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