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The Springbank Single Malt 15 y.o. was born at the distillery Glengyle, one of the last in Scotland to still proceed with artisanal processing of its products.

All the work, from malting the barley to bottling is done intra moenia. This guarantees a result of absolute quality.

Springbank's high quality has made its fortune over time, and even in times of crisis its expressions have continued to be successful.

Springbank 15 y.o., is rich, intriguing and full-bodied, ideal to enjoy at the end of a meal, paired with a good cigar or dark chocolate.

The nose strikes us with intense notes of brown sugar followed by delicate vanilla. A citrus essence of orange and lemon then takes over. Light note of dark chocolate. Over all, a definite sherry note dominates.

Medium-bodied on the palate, with light peatiness accompanied by fresh lemon, candied orange, raisins, figs, marzipan, hazelnuts and vanilla. Slightly tannic and overall creamy.

70 Cl

46% Vol.

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